Nushagak Mulchatna Soil Survey

The United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) partnered with the Nushagak Mulchatna Watershed Council to complete a soil survey in 2010 that produced maps and descriptions of the soil hydrology, engineering, habitat and ecology for land and river corridors within the watershed. The survey included detailed maps for Koliganek, New Stuyahok, Ekwok, Portage Creek, Dillingham, Alenagik, Clarks Point and Ekuk, as well as less detailed information for lands extending west through the Kaktovik Wildlife Refuge.

The soil survey can be used to help make land use and conservation decisions, monitor changes in habitat extent, and the presence of certain species. The information gathered through the soil surveys can be used by researchers in other disciplines to better understand ecosystem-level changes. The USDA NRCS State Soil Scientist accepts requests for projects and completes soil surveys for free through agreements with communities.

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