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Holding a resilience workshop is a good way to start your journey towards adaptation


Promoting Coastal Resilience in Arctic Alaska workshop, Unalaska, AK.

Climate experts can provide data and decision support tools to the community. Community members can voice their own observations of change and describe how changes are impacting their way of life.

Through this process, you can identify the climate impacts that are of the greatest concern to your community.

Getting community members to agree on what they want to achieve with an adaptation plan—such as avoiding property or infrastructure damage, preserving a traditional way of life, protecting community health, or just raising awareness—helps to define goals later on in the planning process.

You can increase your chances of success by making sure that there is two-way communication between community members and researchers—each group has an important role to play.

Choose your area of interest


David Andrew, Native Village of Napakiak, at the Adapt Y-K Steering Committee meeting in 2018. (Photo: Ian Dutton)

Define your community and the geographic area you want to cover with a climate adaptation plan. This could be a village or municipality, a borough, a watershed, or an entire region.

Climate change will affect every community differently. For example, a community in Interior Alaska will not experience the impacts of disappearing sea ice, but may experience erosion along stream banks much like coasts are eroding.

Once you’ve defined a community, community members can share their observations of local climate change and determine their motivation to adapt.

Identify potential funding sources
Coordinate activities

Resources for starting an adaptation conversation

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Alaska Native Cultural Charter School

Maintains Alaska Native culture and curriculum in Anchorage.

education health-culture
Alaska Native Knowledge Network

Provides resources for Indigenous knowledge in education and other applications.

education health-culture
Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program

Brings career guidance and opportunities for work experience to younger students.

Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program

Helps Alaskans with the practical use and conservation of the state’s marine and freshwater resources.

economy health-culture leadership
Arctic Youth Ambassadors Program

Brings together youth from across Alaska to serve as ambassadors for their communities and country in building awareness at home and abroad about life in the Arctic.

Drought and Extreme Weather Events in SE Alaska Workshop

In March 2022, a workshop was held in Juneau, Alaska on the topic of drought and extreme events in Alaska. The goal of the workshop was to build collaboration to enhance data, decision making, and adaptation planning.

Drought and Extreme Weather Events in SE Alaska Workshop: List of Presentations and Speakers

List of presentations, speakers, and links from the Drought and Extreme Events in Southeast Alaska Workshop

data-expertise workshop
Grant Writing Assistance Program

Contracts with professional grant writers to provide grant opportunity research and grant writing assistance for member communities.

education funding
Iñupiaq Immersion School

The only Iñupiaq immersion school in the United States.

education health-culture
Ilisagvik College

A two-year tribal college in Utqiagvik.

education health-culture
Port Heiden Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment developed from a One Health perspective.

economy health-culture workshop vulnerability
Resident Technical Assistance Program

Provides CDQ resident entrepreneurs with a source of assistance in developing business plans, feasibility analysis (small projects), grant mentoring, completing loan applications, financial counseling and other unique needs for developing small businesses.

Tribal Climate Change Guide—University of Oregon

Database providing up-to-date information on grants, programs and plans, potential partners, publications, events, and more that may assist tribes in addressing climate change through a broad range of sectors.

Yuut Elitnaurviat

Provides training for local jobs that combines intensive academics and on-the-job training in Bethel.

education health-culture