Adapt Southeast


The Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA), Sitka Tribe of Alaska, and Alaska Sea Grant hosted this summit in 2016. The workshop convened environmental program managers from 17 tribes in Southeast, as well as representatives from state and federal agencies, non-profits, and the University of Alaska.

The group focused on resources important for culture and planned potential monitoring efforts for changes of those resources. Resources included salmon, shellfish, berries, yellow cedar, and cultural sites, as well as human health from a One Health perspective.

Following presentations and discussion of the status of change for each resource, participants identified priority projects that their tribes could undertake as part of their existing environmental program. This was followed up in 2019 by a review of a region-wide climate adaptation plan written by the CCTHITA that can be applied at the local community level.

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