Solar Design Manual for Alaska

It’s been eight years since the last edition of “A Solar Manual for Alaska” was published by the UAF Cooperative Extension Service. Since that time solar PV technology has changed a lot. It’s an exciting time for solar power in Alaska. Previous attention was on passive solar and solar thermal, which continue to be reliable, established and ma- ture technologies. In the past, however, solar PV was largely relegated to off-grid use because of the challenging economics. Low capacity factors, clunky technology and high prices made grid-tied appli- cations rare in Alaska. Now, however, the price of solar PV continues to drop and in some situations has reached parity with power produced from fossil fuels. Solar PV modules continue to improve, and efficiencies above 20% are becoming common for commercially available panels. Check out this new Solar Design Manual for Alaska from the UAF Cooperative Extension Service and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power.

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