Alaska Climate Resilience

Alaska has a long history of engaging in climate change issues through our unique position as the only Arctic region in the United States. Alaskans seek to understand the challenges and opportunities presented by a changing climate and to ensure that Alaska has a voice in national and international decision-making.

Learn how the State of Alaska is working to increase resilience

Alaskans have been working in diverse arenas to reach common goals of ensuring economic opportunity, health, and safety for everyone in Alaska—now, and in the years to come—as our environment continues to change.

  • Response: Planning, training, and structural reinforcement in response to ocean acidification, erosion, severe storms, infrastructure damage, and the threat of oil spills
  • Research: Monitoring, observing, modeling, scientific analysis, data sharing, innovation, and public outreach
  • Mitigation: Reducing, sequestering, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions to decrease our carbon footprint
  • Adaptation: Evaluating risks and adopting measures to address or reduce the vulnerability of Alaska’s citizens, environment, and infrastructure to climate change impacts

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