Story: Togiak forms Tuyuryaq Conservation District to manage their own lands.

Togiak recently formed Tuyuryaq Conservation District. “We have had our own regulations (system of resource tenure and regulations) long before the Federal government imposed restrictions, hunting/fishing openers and bag limits on the animals we hunt for our livelihood…During our TCD meeting, Togiak identified problems within our region and we want “To protect and preserve our natural resources for generations to come, and to be effective in our cultural and traditional knowledge, to help restore salmon habitat, protect of subsistence areas and to teach our youth and community how to protect and preserve our biggest natural resources with cultural wisdom”. We have the knowledge to keep our resources in good standing and to have them be available for future generations… Tuyuryaq Tribal Conservation District (TTCD) is new in our region and will benefit us to manage our natural resources we know so well, rather than outside agencies who do not know our land along with our culture and traditions! In the future, we will be asking for technical assistance from NRCS as our TTCD has developed short and long-term goals. The Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance (ATCA) holds an annual symposium where all Tribal Conservation Districts meet and learn from speakers from USDA agencies, including FEMA that may be important to implement when needed.”

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