Tool: NOAA Coastal Imagery Viewer

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) collects aerial imagery for a wide range of purposes including emergency response, damage assessment, coastal planning, and management. In 2016 and 2017, NOAA aircraft captured 39 megapixel photos of more than 35 percent of the state’s coastline. The photos look at the shore from 3,500 feet to 5,500 feet on a 37.5° angle. Photos are available for coastline extending from the North Slope the Bristol Bay side of the Alaska Peninsula, and in parts of Cook Inlet and Kachemak Bay. The images are geo-referenced and Geographic Information System (GIS)-ready with a resolution of 15-25 centimeters. While they are complimentary to other oblique and nadir image collection project, they are not intended for mapping, charting or navigation. The photos are freely available and can be viewed using the NOAA Coastal Imagery Viewer. NOAA encourages everyone to look at the photos and send feedback on the utility of the images and where additional imagery should be collected in 2018 if resources are available.

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