Tool: Alaska Fisheries Business Assistance (Fishbiz)

This program provides information and resources about managing the business side of an Alaska commercial fishing operation. It is a compilation of information generated primarily by the Alaska Sea Grant. Website materials include documents, podcasts and spreadsheet tools as well as links and contact information for financing, regulatory and other relevant organizations. These materials aim to provide financial and business tools for Alaska commercial seafood harvester to be resilient in the face of changing fishing conditions.

The website is organized into four sections corresponding to the four career phases of fishing: Start Your Business, Manage Your Business, Grow and Diversify, and Plan an Exit Strategy. In the Start Your Business section, users can find tools for beginning fishermen venturing to a fishing business. In the Manage Your Business Section, users can find some of the many tools produced by Alaska Sea Grant to help established commercial fishermen get a better handle on their fishing business. These materials include information on lowering expenses, managing risk, tracking income, structuring options for fishing businesses, and more. In the Grow and Diversify section, the website provides tools on topics as diverse as direct marketing and refrigeration system investments to help users prepare to take the next big step in their operations. Finally, in the Plan and Exit Strategy section, the website provides tools from evaluating retirement investment decisions to guiding the many decisions that go into how to divest out of a fishing business.

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