Story: Alaska communities reveal complex relocation challenges.

“We have to relocate by choice, rather than being forced to by evacuation. By choice, we could still retain our identity, as a culture, as a community. But unless we’re willing to do it ourselves, it’s not going to happen.” – Nora Kuzuguk in Shishmaref.  Read more…

How Can We Adapt?

We all have the power to do something.

Whether at the individual, local or regional level, we can all contribute to finding solutions to the environmental, social and political changes we now face. The more we work together, the greater our collective power to get out in front of those changes and create a better future.

Over six months in 2016, almost 200 participants from 34 tribes, 14 state and federal agencies, and several research institutions shared their insights on the most urgent risks and vulnerabilities for coastal communities and resources. They also identified key opportunities for collaboration between communities and agencies. The majority of these participants worked for tribes, agencies or other local entities struggling with decisions relative to climate change and other environmental impacts. A common theme in all four workshops was the desire for local communities to have a leadership role in coastal resilience and adaptation efforts. Central to having that control was access to reliable scientific information, better access to resources for planning and mitigation as well as ‘real-world’ case studies of successful adaptation to Alaska’s changing coasts.