Harmful Algal Blooms Curriculum

The chart below includes selected curriculum on harmful algal blooms (HABs) deemed relevant in Alaska. We are working on additional curriculum that highlights Alaska’s unique HABs drivers. 

Conceptual Understanding

Grade Band



Plankton exist – and are drifters

Grade Band Type Name/Description
K-2, 3-5 Lesson Plan CACS: Plankton Watercolors Coming Soon!
Activity, Student Book KBNERR Plankton Coloring Book
Video Plankton Chronicles: Protists
Video Plankton Chronicles: Plankton
3-5, MS, HS Activity, Field Trip Plankton Studies (CACS CoastWatch Curriculum)
Article, Reference book Marine Phytoplankton of Kachemak Bay (Student ID Guide)

Phytoplankton photosynthesize & need to be in the photic zone

Grade Band Type Name/Description
K-2, 3-5, MS, HS Lab CACS: Plankton Oxygen Experiments for Elementary Coming Soon!
3-5 Activity Plankton Races (CACS CoastWatch Curriculum)
MS, HS Lab Bigelow Laboratory: Building a Bloom
Video Plankton Chronicles: Ceratium
Video Plankton Chronicles: Diatoms

Plankton are crucial to ocean food webs

Grade Band Type Name/Description
K-2, 3-5 Activity CACS: Plankton Ecosystem Tag Coming Soon!
3-5, MS Activity, Lab Alaska Sea Grant Seas & Watersheds: Ocean and Beach Food Webs
Lab SEATOR: Clam Dissection Coming Soon!
3-5, MS, HS Activity Bigelow Laboratory: Fitting Plankton Into the Food Web

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) can occur and may negatively impact ocean organisms and humans

Grade Band Type Name/Description
K-2, 3-5, MS Activity CACS: Bioaccumulation Tag
MS Activity Bigelow Laboratory: A Community In Crisis
Activity Bigelow Laboratory: Tracing the Toxins

Science can help humans monitor and potentially predict or prevent HABs

Grade Band Type Name/Description
MS Activity Bigelow Laboratory: Help, It’s An HAB
MS, HS Lesson Plan CACS: Monitoring for HABs in your community Coming Soon!
Lesson Plan CACS: Predicting HABs in Changing Ecosystems Coming Soon!
Citizen Science, Data Sheet/Protocol, Tools, Webinar NCCOS: Phytoplankton Monitoring Network – New Volunteers
Video SEATOR: Safe Shellfish
HS Video CACS: Designing HAB Solutions Coming Soon!